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At Avanti, our mission is to empower educators worldwide to enhance teaching practices and student learning outcomes.

To do that, we need brilliant educators like you!

We’re inviting you to be part of our dynamic community, where we share high-quality educational resources by teachers for teachers.

Contributing to this community is simple — using instructional strategy videos, you can share your insights, experiences, teaching techniques, and best practices to inspire fellow educators and elevate teaching standards globally.

How to Share Your Strategies

Step 1: Choose two instructional strategies you excel at and feel comfortable explaining.

Step 2: We’ll provide a camera and lighting kit for your convenience. You set it up in your classroom at your ease.

Step 3: During your two-hour filming time, we will ask you questions over Zoom to guide you as you share your two chosen strategies.

Step 4: After filming, we’ll help coordinate the return of the camera and lighting kit. You’ll receive a $300 compensation for sharing your expertise with fellow educators.

Benefits for you:

  • Financial compensation and recognition on our platform
  • Exposure to a global audience of educators
  • The satisfaction of making a meaningful impact on teaching and learning

Previously Participating Educators and Schools:

We have filmed educators from all over the country, including:

  • Windsor School District from New York
  • Don Tyson School of Innovation from Arkansas
  • Adlai Stevenson High School from Illinois
  • Educators from 34 different states

Thank you for considering this opportunity to collaborate with Avanti to shape the future of education through instructional strategy videos. Together, we can inspire and empower educators worldwide.

For questions or to sign up to film with Avanti, please email our Content Specialist.