Sep 20

Teacher Empowerment: A Key to Teacher Retention

In the face of ongoing, nationwide staff shortages, school administrators don't need scientific evidence to know that teachers with high levels of job satisfaction are far more likely to remain in their classrooms. However, ample research, such as 2021 research and meta-analysis of 12 previous studies in the journal Cogent... read more →
Sep 08
Sep 08
Sep 08

Exploring Teacher Retention and Why They Stay

Many school administrators have become all too familiar with education’s ongoing teacher shortage. Exacerbated largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, finding a district that has avoided the widespread difficulties related to teacher recruitment and retention is nearly impossible. Teaching is challenging, and it isn’t necessarily getting any easier. Burnout stems from... read more →
Aug 22

Building an Effective Teacher Retention Strategy

Retaining experienced and talented teachers is critical in maintaining a positive, productive, and sustainable learning environment for students and educators. High national teacher turnover rates can disrupt continuity, affect student achievement, and increase administrative costs associated with recruitment and training. Teacher retention statistics reflect the ongoing trend, noted in recent... read more →
Aug 14

Top Five Teacher Retention Strategies for 2023

While burnout is an all-too-common phenomenon for employees in many professional industries, it tends to hit education particularly hard and is among administrators' biggest teacher retention problems annually. A 2022 RAND Corporation survey found teachers are twice as likely to experience job-related stress and feelings of burnout than other working... read more →
Jul 31

Top Three Benefits of Professional Development Technology for Teachers

While traditional "sit-and-get" professional development events provide a lot of value, professional development technology can be a powerful supplement for teachers seeking to continuously improve. Using tech tools enables teachers to stay current on industry trends, access valuable resources, quickly discover new strategies, and collaborate with peers in remote locations.... read more →
Jul 28
Jul 28
Jul 07

Examples Of Learning Goals For Students

None of us is born with the ability to set and achieve goals successfully. It is a skill that must be taught and practiced. Helping students learn to set and achieve goals in school will set them up for success in academics and all areas of their lives. Goal-setting builds... read more →