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Teach Math That Ignites Student Curiosity

Develop your students’ foundational math skills

Educators often face a constant landscape of change, and math instruction is no exception. While the core principles remain timeless, there’s an opportunity to elevate student engagement and adapt to the needs of today’s learners. Here’s where Avanti steps in.  

With a treasure trove of engaging video lessons, Avanti’s math content library helps teachers transform mathematics from passive learning into active mastery. 

Each video packs a powerful punch, combining clear explanations and practical applications, all guided by the pillars of intentional lesson design and created by teachers just like you.

Watch students engage with real-world math through scenarios and challenges, then confidently defend their solutions and apply newfound skills in unexpected ways.

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Get proven strategies

Instructional strategies for math made fun

Discover engaging activities, from games to sorting to task cards, that keep students motivated while solidifying their grasp of math concepts.

See how clear instruction, strategic chunking, thoughtful processing time, and opportunities for recording and representing information empower students to build bridges between new and existing knowledge, transforming everyday math into a confident and connected experience. 

Each video helps math teachers: 

  • Clearly identify and examine the learning goal and content
  • Plan chunks of instruction and practice to gradually scaffold understanding from teacher guidance to independent student work
  • Assess student understanding throughout the lesson to inform future instruction and ensure mastery
  • Conclude with a clear connection back to the learning goal, solidifying the day’s learning

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