Jan 12

Teacher-Led PD: How to Plan a Professional Development Day

Research shows that teachers trust and prefer learning from other teachers. And as teachers are experts in their field, many schools are expanding staff development days to include teacher-led professional development. While learning best practices and exchanging ideas among teachers are helpful, transformative professional development requires a more planned approach.... read more →
Jan 06

Engaging Students with Diverse Learning Needs

Whether you’re a first-year or seasoned veteran teacher, you know no two students are the same. Unique character traits and personal preferences influence how individuals absorb, process, and communicate new information. In response, an educator’s teaching style can impact how your students learn and comprehend in your classroom. This post... read more →
Jan 05
Jan 05

How to Keep Students Engaged: What Do Students Want?

As teachers, we face a fundamental responsibility to encourage engaged learning among our students, but there's more to student engagement than ensuring they're paying attention or cooperating during lessons. The best learning occurs when teachers' methods and materials create classroom experiences that spark students' imagination, motivation, and curiosity. This post... read more →
Dec 16

Six Essential Professional Development Topics for Teachers

A natural curiosity and lifelong love of learning will serve you well when exploring new teacher training ideas and professional development to improve your students’ learning outcomes. Ongoing self-improvement keeps you updated on recent research, strategies, best practices, and emerging teaching industry trends. It connects you with like-minded peers, makes... read more →
Dec 06

Professional Development for New Teachers

Teachers often cite their lifelong love for learning and desire to make a difference as top reasons for getting into teaching. Understanding that education doesn't stop after their degree, many new teachers search for advice on areas of improvement for teachers in their first years on the job. Professional development... read more →
Nov 30
Nov 22

How to Increase Student Engagement in Online Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic marked a distinctive pivot point in how schools, teachers, and students were forced to approach remote learning—with some districts more prepared than others to manage the stark transition. As e-learning sessions, distance-learning days, and flipped classrooms remain common in many schools, how to increase student engagement in... read more →
Nov 14

Ways of Measuring Student Engagement

Student engagement is a primary and critical component of successful teaching and learning. Student disengagement can significantly hinder a lesson’s effectiveness, but an engaged pupil performs better academically and grasps new material faster than distracted or disengaged peers. Efficiently and effectively measuring student engagement levels can help teachers recognize when... read more →
Nov 09

Research-based Instructional Strategies

Each year, teachers across the country are given well-researched and evidence-based instructional strategies in resources aimed at helping them reflect and improve upon teaching and assessment practices. I am willing to bet what happens next falls in one of two possible categories. Either time is set aside at institute days... read more →