May 05

When is Direct Instruction Most Effective?

Decades of research—many included in a comprehensive meta-analysis for the Review of Educational Research—document strong positive results for the Direct Instruction model. That isn't to say it's the only successful pedagogy approach. There's ample evidence that student-centered experimental, inquiry-based, and non-directive learning encourages students to think critically, foster genuine curiosity,... read more →
Apr 21

Effective Classroom Rules and Procedures for a Positive Learning Environment

In a study conducted to determine the effects of a classroom management program (Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline®) on student achievement, researchers determined that "Classroom management becomes the gatekeeper to student learning by either supporting a consistent and predictable classroom or allowing a disruptive, chaotic, and random learning environment to... read more →
Apr 20

Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Examples and Teaching Tips

When many educators, including new teachers, hear “direct instruction,” they’re taken back to a university lecture hall or similar setting in which teaching is solely a one-way street lacking significant engagement, meaningful interactions, illuminating demonstrations, or constructive back-and-forths with students. While effective direct instruction indeed relies on teachers clearly and... read more →
Apr 20
Apr 03

What is Direct Instruction in Teaching?

Founder of the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI), Dr. Siegfried Engelmann wrote in Theory of Instruction, “We begin with the obvious fact that children we work with are perfectly capable of learning anything that we have to teach…” The book, first published in 1982, most fully gathers and describes... read more →
Mar 22

Interactive Learning Games for Building Student-Teacher Relationships

Research shows the importance of student-teacher relationships, including increasing student engagement, motivation, test scores, and GPAs while decreasing absenteeism, dropout rates, and discipline issues. In his research on types of teacher-student relationships, principal and education author Dr. Don Parker contends that while building relationships with your students is essential and... read more →
Mar 15
Mar 14

Social Media Strategies for Strong Teacher-Student Relationships

Engaging students in the era of hybrid in-person/online learning can be challenging for educators used to the traditional classroom setting. While building strong teacher-student relationships has proven to increase student achievement, the dynamics are different when students aren't physically present, leaving educators to look for new ways to connect with... read more →
Mar 03

Building Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships for Better Student Outcomes

The quality of student-teacher relationships plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of student learning. And part of building relationships with students should include building positive parent-teacher relationships. This post explores the importance of healthy relationships between teachers and parents, as well as strategies educators can use throughout the school... read more →
Mar 02