Jul 31

Top Three Benefits of Professional Development Technology for Teachers

While traditional “sit-and-get” professional development events provide a lot of value, professional development technology can be a powerful supplement for teachers seeking to continuously improve. Using tech tools enables teachers to stay current on industry trends, access valuable resources, quickly discover new strategies, and collaborate with peers in remote locations. Let’s explore three key benefits of professional development technology for teachers’ growth and effectiveness.

Increased Variety in Learning Materials

One of the primary benefits of technology tools for professional development is their access to various resources. Traditionally, teachers have relied primarily on books, seminars, or workshops to enhance their teaching knowledge and skills. Today, online professional learning platforms, educational websites, and digital libraries provide articles, research papers, videos, webinars, and e-books on a wide range of topics. Teachers can easily explore new trends, best practices, and emerging technologies, ensuring they stay current with the latest developments in their subject area and the grade level they teach. 

Additionally, technology tools allow for the dissemination of information from experts and thought leaders worldwide. They open doors that provide unlimited access to a wealth of online teaching tools and diverse resources. 

More Convenient, Personalized Learning

Technology tools offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience for professional development. Teachers may only have a few free moments during their day. Online learning platforms, webinars, and virtual conferences allow teachers to participate in training and development activities regardless of location or time constraints. Teachers can use the learning materials at their own pace and fit their professional development around existing schedules. 

Additionally, teachers can experience a more personalized approach to their learning with technology tools. They can choose from a variety of topics, modules, or courses that align with their specific interests and needs, allowing them to focus on areas that require improvement or explore advanced topics in their field that may not be covered by district PD offerings.

Wider Support Network

Teachers trust, respect, and value the insight of their colleagues—especially those with more experience who have faced similar challenges. 

Professional development technology tools have significantly enhanced teachers’ ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect with like-minded peers, creating a supportive network of educators that can help each other develop.

Through online communities, discussion forums, and social media platforms, professionals can engage in meaningful discussions, ask questions, and receive helpful feedback from peers and mentors. This networking aspect of technology-enabled professional development fosters a sense of community, encourages knowledge exchange, and expands professional networks. An ongoing exchange of information, knowledge, and expertise fosters a motivating learning environment that supplements the local support available through in-person PD events and department- or school-wide networking. 

Avanti: Prioritizing the Human Element While Using Technology for Professional Development

Technology is transforming the way teachers learn and grow in their profession. From online platforms to virtual conferences, webinars, and more emerging tools, educators today have access to a vast range of tools to support their ongoing development and career goals.

Avanti leverages innovative technology to provide teachers with a treasure trove of effective professional development. The online resource library features hundreds of brief on-demand videos with real teachers offering proven strategies organized by the intended audience and classroom topics most relevant to everyday teaching challenges. There are also accompanying implementation guides, reflection rubrics, and other downloadable resources to help teachers make the strategy their own.

Within its first year, Avanti was proudly recognized as an “Upskilling and Credentialing” finalist for the 2023 District Administration Top Ed Tech Product Awards at the National Future of Education Technology Conference. Spearheaded by Solution Tree, long-trusted leaders in the education and professional development space, Avanti continues to innovate its technology and grow with new videos and features added on a regular basis. 

While it’s a highly convenient, versatile, and collaborative technology tool, Avanti’s biggest strength is its human element and the master teachers providing their peers with needed new strategies and valuable insight. Avanti educators host regular interactive discussions and “Coaching Corner” livestream presentations, while the Community hub hosts ongoing discussions and gives teachers a safe space to ask questions, offer advice, and exchange ideas. Sign up for a free seven-day trial today to unlock the full power of Avanti’s professional development technology firsthand.

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